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Questioning Strengths

Questioning Strengths are at the heart of the Questioning Strengths Method (QSM). Together they provide the knowledge and tools we all need for better questioning. Our Questioning Strengths Assessment provides you with deep insight into your own strengths, while the workshops in The QSM are designed to help you deploy better questioning across your organisation.

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Questioning Services

Whatever the opportunity to improve questioning in your organisation we have an offering to suit.

Everyone asks questions. Many of us do it constantly and yet we rarely practice or try to develop this essential skill. We’ve designed a range of workshops to suit many of the common challenges faced by organisations like yours.


Understand and apply the power of every one of your questioning strengths.

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Create exceptional surveys using our research based questioning framework.

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Use questioning to ensure an effective and fair power dynamic in your team.

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Unlock the creative power of everyone around you with better questioning.

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Critical Thinking

Supercharge your critical thinking skills with better questioning.

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Bespoke Services

Questioning services and workshops to suit your exact requirements.

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The Questioning Strengths Method

The QSM provides a complete solution for individuals and organisations seeking to make the most of every opportunity for great questioning. Whether that’s sharpening a sales pitch, improving communication in teams, managing difficult conversations, empowering employee voices, or designing great surveys, The QSM is an effective, comprehensive method, based on over ten years of academic research and thirty years’ practical experience in the art and science of good questioning.

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Why Ask Better Questions?

How many questions do you ask in a day? Is it ten, fifty, or hundreds? We ask questions all the time but rarely stop to think about what we are asking or consider who, when, where or how to ask. Yet, simple changes in the questions we ask can have a big impact.

Asking better questions can help us to get the facts we need and find innovative solutions to practical problems. It also helps us introduce important topics for discussion, sparking debate and challenging assumptions as well as building consensus and helping others to see our point of view. Better questions allow us to communicate more effectively and build open and lasting relationships with friends and colleagues.

It all starts with understanding your own unique blend of questioning strengths.

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The Benefits Of Better Questioning

What are the benefits of better questioning? Better questioning can have a wide-ranging, positive impact on work and life. The benefits of better questioning fall into four key categories:

  • Problem-solving
  • Relationship-building
  • Knowledge-seeking
  • Assumption-challenging

The questioning strengths in the QSM corresponds to these four key categories. Understanding and developing your questioning strengths will allow you to harness the powerful benefits of questioning and make the most of every questioning opportunity.

The Questioning Strengths

There are nine questioning strengths in total. Eight of these strengths are active and are grouped into our four categories as shown. The final strength, The Internaliser, is a passive questioning strength, meaning Internalisers frequently chose, for three main reasons, not to ask their questions.

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Creative, Innovative, Curious

A Problem Solving Strength

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Clear. Straightforward, Pragmatic

A Problem Solving Strength

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Open, Empathic, People-Centered

A Relationship Building Strength

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Influential, Charming, Convincing

A Relationship Building Strength

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Systematic, Meticulous, Scientific

A Knowledge Seeking Strength

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Persevering, Determined, Forthright

A Knowledge Seeking Strength

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Thoughtful, Abstract, Deep Thinker

An Assumption Challenging Strength

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Confident, Courageous, Stimulating

An Assumption Challenging Strength

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Undervalued, Overconfident, Underconfident



Our customers have one thing in common. An interest in and an openness to better questioning. At The Questioning Strengths Methods we are proud to work with a wide range of forward thinking organisations.

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