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Immediate access to our ‘build your strengths’ learning plan
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The Assessment

By taking the Questioning Strengths Assessment (The QSA) you’ll take the first step to using questions more effectively in every part of life.

The Benefits

Better questioning is a route to better performance at work, better relationships at home and a more satisfying engagement with the world.

The Strengths

Each strength is assessed on a scale of 0 – 10. This measures how inclined you will be to adopt any particular strength in a questioning situation as well as your skill level.

The Report

The report you receive after taking the assessment will show you how we assessed you across our eight active questioning strengths.

The Internaliser

The report will also give you insights into what we call the internaliser, or non-verbalising questioning strength. This can be a very powerful strength.

What's Next

To take the assessment simply follow the link to go to the assessment. Assessments are prepared automagically and sent out moments after you've hit submit.

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