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Congratulations on your interest in being a member of the community of people worldwide who want to understand and develop their questioning strengths. Better questioning is a route to better performance at work, better relationships at home and a more satisfying engagement with the world. By taking the Questioning Strengths Assessment(QSA) you’ll take the first step to using questions more effectively in every part of life.

To take the assessment and receive a personalised Questioning Strengths profile simply follow the link below. Our assessments are prepared weekly (on a Friday morning) and sent out by email that day. Please make sure to leave an email address you can be contacted on when you complete the assessment.

The report you receive after taking the assessment will show you how we assessed you across our eight active questioning strengths. You will be asked to consider yourself in a questioning context, for example in the work environment, and if you did so while answering the question then the assessment will be particularly relevant to how you use questioning in that situation. The report will also give you insights into what we call the internaliser, or non-verbalising questioning strength. This is the ninth strength.

Each strength is assessed on a scale of 0 - 100%. What this measures is how inclined you will be to adopt that strength in a questioning situation. The greater the score the more likely you are to feel comfortable adopting that particular strength: we expect you to have preference for that strength. It does not mean you will only use your top strength nor does it mean you won’t seamlessly switch between each of your strengths when questioning.

The assessment also provides a comparison between your strengths profile and the profile we have assessembled for the global population based on the full set of survey responses we have collected to date.

Strengths chart showing comparison between you and a global cohort

An Example : The Investigator Strength

Strengths chart showing comparison between you and a global cohort

Investigators ask patient and methodical questions in order to get all the information they need to build a complete picture.  Investigators want to fully understand the details in an inquiry. They take whatever time is necessary to build up a comprehensive picture, piece by piece. Investigators examine answers carefully before moving on in order to flesh out all the necessary details.

Investigators are logical and patient in their questioning. They are methodical and take a scientific approach to formulating questions and pursuing a line of inquiry. Investigators often develop and pursue a clear, pre-determined series of questions and are naturally compelled to get to the bottom of things.