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Every organisation is different so sometimes a standard service just doesn’t fit. Our bespoke services are designed around you and your needs.

Questioning Based Services Designed For You

Better questioning leads to improved performance. It might be the perfectly pitched question that finally persuades a new customer or client to come on board; the provocative question that turns the tide on groupthink, leading to creative problem-solving and innovation; or the direct, concise question that establishes the facts quickly and efficiently to reach a fast, effective solution. We can all get better results from the questions that we ask.

The Questioning Strengths Method (QSM) is designed to help individuals confidently make the most of every questioning opportunity. It’s a unique research-based framework created to help everyone apply the principles behind better questioning. The possibilities it offers for powerful transformation in your organisation are endless.

The possibilities are endless so we're always delighted to hear from organisations who want to think different when it comes to better questioning. We're shared a few thoughts below but we're ready to discuss your specific requirements any time.

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Data Driven
Match employee strengths to roles for maximum impact
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Company Wide
Bring questioning strengths to every employee
Person standing next to a star
Prospective Employees
Recruit based on optimised questioning strengths
Match employee strengths to roles for maximum impact
Benchmark your team’s performance using questioning strengths and job performance. Use the analysis to deploy employee questioning strengths where they are most needed.
Bring questioning strengths to every employee
Design a custom programme for a team, a department or your entire company. Help sales people sell, managers coach or recruiters interview. Teach everyone to ask more effective questions.
Recruit based on optimised questioning strengths
Identify the strengths you most need for every role. Design a perfect questioning strengths profile for that role and use The Questioning Strengths Assessment to recruit ideal candidates.

Our Bespoke Services

What this means in practice is straightforward. Organisations can partner with us in multiple ways to support individuals and teams to develop and apply their questioning strengths. We provide a unique insight into the strengths of each participant using our validated Questioning Strengths Assessment (QSA).

Our online and in-person training and coaching, based on research-led insights and techniques, as well as our bespoke, data-driven programmes, deliver practical, meaningful improvement in questioning across your organisation.

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